WordPress Plugins Get Fewer Than 1% of Reviews from Active Users

Not many people review WordPress plugins, and that’s not too surprising.

This is pretty interesting, if slightly annoyingly written, research on the review to install ration of popular WordPress plugins. The average ratio of active installs to reviews on WordPress.org is 0.2%, which is low. Basically all WordPress plugin users don’t review plugins.

Yet, these reviews are important! Users use them to make decisions about whether or not to install a plugin, and I know of a lot of plugin authors who, anecdotally, obsess about how many five star reviews they have.

This shouldn’t be surprising: most internet users consume rather than create; you hear a similar thing elsewhere on the internet: 1% of Wikipedia users are responsible for half the site’s edits. We’re seeing that, except with plugin reviews.

It is noteworthy how big a difference there is between individual plugins: Yoast SEO, for example, has a 0.5% ratio, which is more than double Wordfence’s 0.2%. Clearly something makes a difference, and presumably it’s as much to do with asking people for reviews as it is to do with the product itself.

Also – shout-out to WP Staging, who have a record-breaking three percent review ratio! People really like that plugin! That’s vastly higher than most – I, for one, will be looking to see how they do it.

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  • I do wonder if that number is a bit misleading due to agencies and freelancers. We install the same plugin on dozens if not hundreds of sites but we only leave one review.

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