WordPress 5.3 Field Guide

WordPress just released today (Tuesday, Nov 12). If, like me, this release kind of snuck up on you, the first place to stop should be this WordPress 5.3 Field Guide. What it does very well is touch on all the more out-of-the-way features of the release with easy-to-access links so you can dig deeper into any particular topic where you feel particularly intrigued (or worried about some old code you wrote, etc).

Hopefully, WordPress 5.3 is a rather uneventful release. As Matt’s State of the Word this year highlighted in way I’d entirely forgot, it was almost a year ago that all the hub-bub and tumult of Gutenberg in Core was upon us. I’m feeling great that WordPress 5.3 is not that momentous, and I’m hearing no complaints about how it’s about to crater anyone’s productivity. So we can just go back to what we were doing before: building the web with WordPress.

And that’s what makes a really great release.

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