WordPress 4.7 Removes the Underline and Justify Buttons From the Editor

In the spirit of “decisions, not options,” WordPress 4.7 will remove two bad-practice abilities from the TinyMCE Visual editor: the ability to underline text that isn’t a link, and the ability to justify text (so that lines of text are always full-width). From the article:

underlining text causes confusion as readers may interpret it as a link. The justify button was removed because it has uneven browser implementation and often makes text less readable.

My first impulse is that I’m for these changes, since a major cause of sadness for me in my work with clients has been ugly text formatting. Especially on realizing that text-align: justify; doesn’t work in my Windows Chrome browser, I’m happy to see these TinyMCE buttons disappear by default. [Edit: Hmm, text-align: justify; does work in Chrome! Guess this is one of those unreliable narrator articles.]

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  • jhon says:

    Hi, I am looking for this buttons in 4.7, It was gone in latest update of WordPress.


  • Hi, Fred. I came across this since I was missing the “justify” button. You wrote that “justify” doesn’t work in Chrome. Do you mean the OS or the Browser. I use Chrome browser on a Linux platform and also on an android phone and “justify” certainly does work.

    Since the button was removed in WordPress 4.7 I just add it in. I love justified text. So I am curious about your statement. Also maybe it is an OS issue with a browser and not a browser only issue.


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