Why Use PHP in 2018

Over on Thoughtful Code, I wrote about why even in 2018 I’d choose PHP to make a new software application in. The heart of my reasoning is the conclusion:

If you’ve got a team of Python programmers, write your application in Python. If you’ve got a cofounder who knows Java, write your SaaS in that. The personnel considerations of software should always outweigh the languages ones.

I am myself a PHP programmer. And the article touches on some of thing ugly sides of being a PHP programmer. But I live and love and use the language regularly, and no amount of complaining from anyone about it would make me change my mind but for anything where I alone was writing an application.

In addition to what I think about PHP in general, the article compares PHP to specific popular alternatives. One of the most interested to WordPress developers, I feel, is Node/JavaScript. About which, the article says:

Like PHP, JavaScript is an eclectic and sometimes ugly language with a lot of warts and “gotchas”. But JavaScript has gotten hugely fast in the last decade, so the case for it is real. Why pick PHP over JavaScript? You’ve got expertise or need to use libraries in PHP. Otherwise, I think JavaScript may be a better choice.

PS: If you want to read *everything* I write, here’s how I make pour over coffee.

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