Why the Web Development Industry is a Jungle

In this week’s post over at the Press Up blog, we give some advice for how to evaluate the quality of a web developer. If you’re trying to help potential clients understand why you’re right for the job, reading this post first will arm you with some valuable information that will help you navigate that conversation successfully.

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  • “Focus on providing client value. You need to figure out
    what the client’s real needs are—independent of technology—and provide
    solutions that will meet them. Whatever technical knowledge you have,
    you’re most likely to have satisfied clients if your work actually helps
    them achieve their goals, whether that’s attracting new customers,
    gaining wider exposure, or beautifully showcasing their interests.”

    This is EVERYTHING to the client. Lack of technical skill will be forgiven if you can nail underlying business needs.

    So skip learning the latest, greatest programming language. Instead, learn how to ask questions and listen. Be empathetic and most importantly, show you you know WHAT IT TAKES TO RUN A BUSINESS. Clients aren’t interested in managing you. All they want is results!

    Folks, try to see how saturated the freelancer market is right now. We’re at the point in the bubble when it pops, and the amateurs are separated from the professionals. Which one are you?

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