Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible?

A literally incredible tale

This is, quite honestly, the best technology conference talk I’ve ever seen.

From the abstract, which states the keynote: “will burn important professional bridges, likely forcing me to join a monastery or another penance-focused organization”, to the first five minutes of the speech which states “the rest of the conference is cancelled” and “Machine Learning is like an inverse Fight Club: you must talk about Fight Club”.

The speaker, Professor James Mickens, then goes on to argue that we need a more holistic view of security, from “actor x should/should not be able to do y” to “should action z be possible at all?”. This touches very closely on the tech ethics debate we discussed last week: “the tech industry has become detached from the thing that it builds”. The presentation is incredibly funny but the sarcasm works because Professor Mickens is incredibly smart. I can highly recommend it.

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