Who is Full Site Editing for?

I really enjoyed this essay/podcast from Joe Casabona about the kind of awkward question of what the 5.9-included full-site editing feature of WordPress is for. On one level, he argues this is very clearly a tool that’ll be really useful for no-code WordPress builders. I couldn’t agree more. But on another level he, fairly to my limited experience so far, points out that it’s not fully ready for regular no-code users to get done everything they might want—many operations are a little awkward or just not possible.

I don’t really think (and don’t think Joe’s arguing) that full-site editing could have been released in one single cycle. And what’s more I think if anything 5.9 is going to make less of a splash in terms of pushing forward adoption than it needs to. But this whole topic is a discussion that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and Joe’s take is a both rational and useful one.

Image credit: andikam

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