What’s New in WordPress 5.8

Another version of WordPress, 5.8 is about to drop. Like literally it is scheduled to come out tomorrow. You’ve probably seen at least a few headlines about it if you follow WordPress news. And it’s a big one!

What particular caught my eyes was this big (and maybe overwhelming) summary of the whole thing over at Kinsta by Carlo Daniele. Unlike the usual “Field Guide” on WordPress.org (this time done very well by Milana Cap), he included lots and lots of screenshots. Which I think is really helpful, because all the recent changes to widgets (make them actually block areas) and the first time we’ll have “Full-Site Editing” features in WordPress core requires a great deal of visual summary.

While it’s hardly as consequential as Full-Site Editing for most non-technical people’s real attention, I’m also pretty into the fact that WebP is coming to WordPress. Anyway, give it a look and you’ll be less surprised when you upgrade 😎

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