What’s new in PHP 8?

For those who don’t know, WordPress run on PHP on the server. This has been true for all of WordPress’s life, and remains so. For the most parts, this dependence on the PHP language has been an interesting tidbit. But in the next few weeks the next major version of PHP is coming out, and it’ll have a big impact.

In a “major version” release, backwards compatibility is often not guaranteed. More than not-guaranteed, I’d even say that “breaking backwards compatibility” is usually the *reason* for a major version release. (WordPress generally doesn’t do semantic versioning, and so this system doesn’t apply quite the same in WordPress itself or its plugins/themes ecosystem as it does for PHP and most other programming-things.)

Anyway, for those of us trotting along behind, it’s good to keep some sense of what’s happening in the new version of PHP. That is precisely what I think this article from Brent Roos does a good job of: quickly moving through the big features and giving you a taste of what’s to come. Check it out!

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