What’s Coming in PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 is very much in progress, and is slated to come out in November. While WordPress developers often (and reasonably) don’t use many of the features of PHP 7, nevermind PHP-8-only features, some of these things are at least worst knowing about. Seeing where the language is going (even if you can’t write code that way yet) is always worthwhile.

In the article, Brent kicks off with enums, a whole new data-type for PHP. I’ve heard many mixed things about enums in a variety of domains (I think people hate them as a type for a database columns… 🤓) but from his little example I’m immediately excited to start using them. And no doubt (as one must with most programming paradigms) eventually figuring out their disadvantages 🤪

Anyway, if you’re more than passingly-aware of PHP, probably worth giving this article a quick scan. And if you’re regularly writing PHP, I think a read is wiser.

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