What is “Thoughtful Code?”

A sort-of goal of starting my Thoughtful Code hobby site was to use it it say a little more on theory than “here’s how to set up Java projects” or “here are five cool things you didn’t know about PHP.” I love articles like that (and should write more of them), but they don’t speak to the name or concept of what makes code worth writing and what makes it valuable to the word. And that’s something I think about a lot, both in our work here with WordPress, and with my role in Code for Fort Collins.

So today I’m publishing the first in a series of pieces that explore in a bit more detail what I think makes code “good” and also why I find so many of those conversations become useless mires of subjectivity. In short, I think defining the values that you think makes code good must come conceptually prior to asserting that code it good. That sentence, hopefully, did more than prove that I’ve taken a few (too many?) philosophy courses.

Anyway, I think the piece itself works well, but I’m less sold on these ramblings. So I’ll just urge you again to read it. And ask that if you have any thoughts at all I’d love to hear them. This idea is young enough that I’m not over-attached to it, and should be able to listen well. 🤓

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