What I Learned About WordPress Development by Interviewing 15 of the Best WordPress Developers

Here are our slides from Fred’s presentation at WordCamp Denver over the weekend!

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  • Whoa. This is great. Thanks for sharing.

    Just a couple minor things.

    1) I’m not so sure Sublime Text and Coda are IDEs. Code Editors? Yup! But IDEs? Um. Probably not, eh? The (infamous) WordPress way already kinda deviates from some broader industry standard, perhaps we can, when possible, stay within bounds? 🙂

    2) BitBucket (and a couple others) offer free private repos. Free being the key word. Not all clients / projects are “open.” I think it’s kinda weird “No one likes BitBucket.” Perhaps some reasons?

    3) Perhaps I skimmed to fast, but not a single mention of OOP? It would nice to see less community effort put into wheel re-inventing, overlapping / duplicate code (read: non DRY), etc. Is this another The WordPress way snafu?

    p.s. Conditionals! Ah yes! Suddenly that link / class I emailed you (i.e. Fred) looks even more sexy 😉

    • David Edwards says:

      I was at the WordCamp, so I can talk a bit about a few of those things.

      1) Yeah, it’s kinda semantics, but I’d argue Sublime does count as an IDE. It integrates with git, it will push my files out via sftp. But, yeah, they’re super-light.

      2) I had stepped out for a bit and missed the bitbucket thing…bummer, we’re not “open,” and thus use bitbucket. I agree it doesn’t have a community to speak of (probably because a lot of stuff on it is private) but that doesn’t make me hate it.

      3) They did mention regarding OOP that while lots of the developers said, “Yeah, people should be doing OOP,” none of them felt too terribly strongly about it. It was basically a “nice to have.”

      • David Edwards says:

        Also, great talk!!

        • fredclaymeyer says:

          Thanks! 🙂 And thank you for your notes on the talk.

          Just to add to #2: The people who mentioned not liking BitBucket said they didn’t like the user interface–that was the only reason that really came up.

  • Dan Knauss says:

    Impressive candor and humility. These are good people you talked to.

  • Really great presentation, Fred. Thanks for getting everyone to share their insights.

    I also liked how your slides here are in CSS. I guess I haven’t seen that before. Really neat!


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