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A lot happens around the WordPress ecosystem in a week. Far too much for most people, myself included, to really keep handle on it all. Round-up email newsletters with good curation are one of my most-used crutches to catch back up when I need to. And I just realized that we’ve never specifically mentioned one of the best of them, wpmail.me on the site.

Don’t let the kind-of-dated look of their site fool you, the newsletter is still coming out weekly and is very well organized. And they do a really good job of selecting stories from around the WordPress community on all kinds of different focus areas: news, plugins, themes, and tutorials. I usually find one of two things perusing the newsletter that I’d missed among my WordPress RSS feeds. (And if you don’t watch WordPress RSS feeds, you’ll likely find way more.)

They’re supported by a small amount of unobtrusive advertising, but the emails are totally free and you’ll never get spam from them. (I give unique email addresses to every newsletter and service, few seem to sell that data on, and wpMail.me’s address is never on anything but their newsletter.) They just send you a great FREE digest of what’s happening WordPress once a week. Check it out!

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