Wallace Inline: Inline Text and Image Editing for Beaver Builder

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Wallace Inline is a new premium extension for Beaver Builder that caught my eye while I was browsing around today. It makes text and image editing very quick and intuitive on a website front-end: rather than coming up inside Beaver Builder’s text editor, text is simply editable inline—hence the name—so you simply start typing, and your text content changes. (If the difference between “front-end” and “inline” confuses you as much as it did me, there’s a good Live Demo feature on their sales page that lets you try the extension for yourself.)

I’m actually not sure what I think about Wallace Inline. Text editing definitely did feel buttery-smooth with Wallace Inline, but it also feels like a front-end editing solution inside a front-end editing solution, which made me remember the old Xzibit Yo Dawg meme. Beaver Builder’s Visual Editor-style text editor isn’t beautiful, but I’ve never needed to drastically improve it.

On the other hand, I’ve never used Beaver Builder for a long blog post—I’d be nervous to add extra layout elements on pages where they’re not full-on necessary—and if I ever said “The heck with it, I use Beaver Builder for everything” then I think Wallace Inline would be a huge improvement over trying to manage WPShout’s multi-thousand-word posts with Beaver Builder’s native TinyMCE editor. And when I’d need to manage our blockquotes and the few other laid-out elements that are on the page, Wallace switches seamlessly back over to Beaver Builder itself, all without page refreshes or leaving the front end.

So more posting because it’s interesting and could fill a niche than because I’m immediately full-on adopting it myself. I also appreciate it as an example of Beaver Builder’s thriving and ever-more sophisticated ecosystem. Keep at it, guys!

Image credit: Andy Arthur

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