A Visualization of How WordPress Works

I’ve been sharing security stuff lately, but we announced the course yesterday, so I feel like I should change up what I’m linking to a little. And then I found an old tab (I have hundreds of old browser tabs, theoretically for just such a use) with a really cool “infographic” on it. (I’m a fan of this drawing, I dislike that word. It’s worse than “blog”, which is also an ugly silly words.)

Anyway, this is a fun little illustration of what WordPress’s boot-up process actually looks like under the hood. I wouldn’t personally ever use it for things like finding what file to edit or to clearly and fully understand what each file does, but it’s great light reading. It’ll give you a basic sense of the shape of what the whole thing does together, and introduce you to some of the files and variables that are important in the WordPress lifecycle. Definitely check it out!

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