Two ways to build Gutenberg Blocks

Our friend Jason Bahl has put together one of the most quietly exhaustive tutorials I’ve seen on what it’s like to actually make a “Gutenblock” with all the code bits and where all of them go. One of my biggest uncertainties about Gutenberg is how many WordPress developers will need to be creating Gutenberg block and how easy they will find it. All of that points to the fact that regardless of how it turns out we’ll need a lot of different good tutorials about making Gutenblocks and the subtleties of that process.

That’s where tutorials like Jason’s come in. And because he highlights two rather-different methods, you get a well-rounded sense of how you’d actually make a Gutenblock. The extent to which people (myself included) are really excited that the method of Gutenblocks using Advanced Custom Fields is looking so PHP-focused. I think the jury’s still out on if the core-Gutenberg block registration being JavaScript focused is good or bad.

With tutorials like Jason’s, you can take a look and form your own opinion 🤓

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