An All-Time Most Useful Plugin: Enable Media Replace

Replacement | Enable Media Replace

I was looking through a few WordPress sites I’ve worked on recently, and they all had a few plugins in common—plugins I use almost every time I touch WordPress, because they patch something important that WordPress itself is missing.

Enable Media Replace is one of those plugins. When you decide you’d like to update or otherwise change an existing media file, the process in default WordPress is as follows:

  1. Delete the media file from the site
  2. Reupload an entirely new media file to the site
  3. Hunt down and manually change every reference to the old media file anywhere on the site

With Enable Media Replace, the process is as follows:

  1. Replace the media file; filenames stay the same, so links will still work
  2. (If you’ve got a caching solution like SiteGround’s SuperCacher in place, clear your cache)

It’s massively better, and I use it multiple times per week for everything from iterating on logo ideas to revising PDFs. We’ve written a guide to using Enable Media Replace with screenshots, so check that out if you’d like to get a feel for the plugin. And enjoy!

Image credit: Brian Robinson

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