Thoughts on Collaborative Editing in WordPress

I really enjoyed reviewing this post from Steve Burge over at PublishPress (whose plugin we recently published a Quick Guide about). What he covers is the dream of Google Docs-style collaboration in WordPress’s native post editor. As he highlights, this is something that Matt Mullenweg has kind of committed the WordPress project to, and a great feature for us all if/when it arrives.

But what I really value about Steve’s post is that he’s honest and clear about the likely timeline and reviews some of the complications and related projects. As an example, he doesn’t think this is likely to be done very quick…

In terms of timeframe, I don’t expect Phase 2 of Gutenberg (“Customization”) to be complete before the end of 2020.

So that means that Phase 3 of Gutenberg (“Collaboration”) won’t be the main focus until 2021. Given that schedule, and the steep technical challenges, it’s almost certain that collaborative editing will not arrive in WordPress until 2021 at the earliest.

While it may sound pessimistic, I share Steve’s vision of the most likely timeline. The feature will surely be worth the wait, but it’s probably best if we expect a wait. 🤓

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