Theme Starter Content in 4.7

One of the focuses that Helen Hou-Sandi chose for WordPress 4.7 has been the experience for new users of WordPress. I think this is really wise, as WordPress faces increasing competition from hosted off-the-shelf website-building platforms that have long made that a much higher priority than WordPress has.

One of the most interesting features they’ve come up with addresses a pretty common problem: people disappointed when they install the theme they just bought and it looks nothing like the amazing content-loaded demo that the seller was showing off.

I’m not really sure about how I feel about the latest technical details that Helen provides in this post — part of me thinks it looks like a solid solution to a tough problem, part of me worries a little about all the new concepts (like the curly bracket syntax), it introduces to WordPress. If you either buy or sell themes commercially, these changes are going to have an impact on how you do your work.

As a developer, whether or not you anticipate using these features in the future, I encourage you to take a look at the way these features are implemented. It’s important for the future of the ecosystem, so you really shouldn’t ignore it.

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