The WP Briefing Podcast

Here we are sharing news of a podcast so new that you probably can’t even easily subscribe to in your podcast player. (Or at least I failed. Because they’re still mid-podcast-directory approval, it seems.) But I just listened to the first episode and I think it’s definitely worth keeping in on your radar.

Josepha Haden Chomphosy, WordPress Executive Director, started a podcast. I’ve admired Josepha’s work in WordPress and leadership for a while, so I for one am pumped to get to hear more from her about anything, especially including WordPress. So I think this podcast is great. And if you want a lot more nerdy details, be sure to check out Justin Tadlock’s reporting on the topic. The first episode is a cogent summary of the themes Ms. Haden Chomphosy pulled out of the State of the Word talk Matt Mullenweg gave in December.

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