The WordPress Jargon Glossary

The WordPress Marketing team has put together a pretty cool resource: a guide to a lot of the weird lingo you’ll hear casually cast-off in WordPress conversations without context. While I hope that this can move to a more canonical place: (with a built-in quick-search feature) would be AMAZING, I love the approach that Bridget Willard and the team have taken to break down some of the unintended barriers that new people to WordPress face.

I think a lot about the selective blindness that people (like myself) inside the community have toward things like jargon. I make a conscious effort to never mention a bit of jargon more than two times in a conversation with people whose experience level I don’t know without defining the terms. But I also know I fail at that sometimes, and even that’s an imperfect way to bring people up-to-speed.

It’s important to think hard about what the experience of new people to WordPress (or any technology) is. Too often that’s a thing that no one thinks about, and great tools die as a result of the poor user experience. I see Gutenberg as a step in the right direction there, and I think this is too.

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