The Knotted-Up WordPress Community

I really enjoyed this little essay over at Post Status about the WordPress community. As someone whose been involved with WordPress for over 15 years (perhaps I say that in a bid to merit Chris’s “elder” label 😉), I’ve felt just about every kind of way about both the tool and the people I’ve met while learning and using the tool.

Concretely, WordPress is a bunch of PHP and JavaScript files that I use to make websites. But it’s also been so much more in my life. It’s been kind of the hub around which I assembled both a professional and social world when I didn’t really have one of either to speak of.

That’s part of the reason as I sit here working through some professional and personal stuff that shoved WPShout onto the back burner that I find myself continually pulled back to it. Because so much good in my life started, ended, or was influenced by WordPress.

I’m getting wistful, and that’s mostly just because of the inspiration and thoughtfulness in Chris Hardie’s piece. So go read that!

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