Come On Down The Tavern

I spent a good couple of hours whilst on the train listening to the WPTavern podcast last Sunday. You should too.

I could stop there, but I’ll go on.

The podcast was discussing commercial themes where Jeff and guest co-host Jacob Goldman were  joined by Jason Schuller, Brian Gardner, Cory Miller and even briefly Matt Mullenweg joined in!

It was a very interesting discussion and something which stuck out for me was how Cory and Brian especially had more or less launched their own theming careers off creating and learning from free, themes. They’re not dead after all then 😉

It was also good to hear Brian, Jason, Cory and Matt all agreeing that they all stood to benefit from helping each other out for the common good of making WordPress better and easier to use.

The podcast is a good couple of hours long, but do try and listen to it, even if it’s a bit at a time; it was a valuable experience for me and I’d hope you’ll find the same.

WordPress Weekly, episode 94 “Commercial Themes” is available in iTunes, in MP3 format and of course also on the Tavern itself. Good work Jeff!

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  • Jeffro says:

    Thanks a lot for the link and the feedback. Turns out, tons of people enjoyed listening to this episode as I did creating it. We have big shoes to fill with the Commercial Plugin round table.

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