Tailor Page Builder: My Official Unofficial Favorite WordPress Page Builder

Pippin Williamson’s comprehensive review of WordPress page builders is, to me, the single most helpful piece of WordPress writing this year. One thing he does in the review is narrow the field to three page builders he recommends:  Tailor, Pootle Page Builder, and Beaver Builder.

I’ve played with each, and Tailor’s the one I found myself actually using on a client project when I needed a slightly involved layout for a page. Tailor doesn’t put a third button next to “Visual” and “Text,” with a dialogue box that goes “You’re going to lose your content, is that okay?” when I click that button. That’s a very distracting experience for me that makes drag-and-drop plugins feel like alien invaders, and makes me really worry what mischief my clients will get up to once I hand the site over.

Instead, Tailor is a really beautiful front-end editor that feels the way a drag-and-drop builder should feel (except, as Pippin notes, that the JS drag-and-drop functionality itself is a bit finicky). It’s also as polite to the actual post content as it can be, which means, in practice, a lot of nested <div>s littering your markup. These are certainly unnerving, but, as Pippin points out, they don’t break anything if you deactivate Tailor, and to my mind they’re about the minimum necessary evil to have a page builder solution at all. If you’ve ever dry-heaved after looking at the Text view of a Visual Composer page, it’s a lot better than that.

Like Pippin, I’m getting a little more cheerful about the place for page builders in the market, and from what I’ve seen Tailor seems to be the one that plays most thoughtfully and carefully with its environment. Worth trying out!

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