Support Civic Tech! Support Code for Fort Collins!

This week I’m running a (my first ever) fundraiser for a non-profit where I do a lot of volunteer work, Code for Fort Collins. And I figured it make sense to share it pretty widely. And that may as well include right here on WPShout.

If you don’t live in Fort Collins (I know most of our readers don’t; it’s a single mid-size city in the middle of the USA), you might want to check out either the rest of the Code for America Brigade Network or the Code for All set of such organizations around the world. The hashtag #CivicTech is the meeting point for a lot of people around the world who want to make their community and country better by using technical skill to do good. Think of it like the WordPress do_action events, but without the WordPress focus.

Anyway, back to my specific pitch: Code for Fort Collins has done a lot of good things in the community, but it could do even more with a few hundred dollars in working capital. So that we can entice new volunteers to meeting with pizza, pay for some basic server costs, and a few other such things. We have realistically modest goals for our relatively small scale. Anyway, I wrote up a fuller pitch (plus a party invitation that truly makes sense only if you live near Fort Collins) on the Code for Fort Collins blog.

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