“SEO in Content Marketing: How to Write for Search Engines Without Sounding Like a Robot”

optimize content without robot

Over the weekend, an extremely skilled and SEO-savvy content writer we’ve been working with recommended me this resource. It’s a nicely formatted PDF full of deeply sane advice on SEO-aware content creation.

It’s free, but it is behind a mailing list signup for Prose Media, the content writing service that published it. I’d recommend you go through the signup process, get the PDF, and then either keep or cancel your email subscription.

The resource itself is chock-full of insights that are fundamental in the best way: obvious in retrospect, but not before. Here’s an example:

There are two quantifiable and measurable ways to measure your content’s success: ________________ and ________________.

If you answered “increased traffic to your page” and “higher conversion rates,” then go do whatever smart people do. If not, you’ll enjoy getting rock-solid on the fundamentals of SEO-aware content marketing by giving this a read.

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