See What Fonts an Image is Using with Font Squirrel Matcherator

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It’s a funny time to be alive. We haven’t yet reached that part of the technology singularity where rogue nanorobot clouds disassemble us all into carbon dust (bad), or where we transfer our consciousness into massive sentient spaceships and colonize the stars (good?).

But we have reached that part of the singularity where if you Google something, it probably exists. And that’s pretty cool.

Case in point: Font Squirrel’s Matcherator, which can read what fonts an image file is using. All you do is upload any image, specify which part you’re looking at, and its AI gives you back what it believes are the closest-matching fonts.

I’ve used Matcherator to try to figure out a client’s logo typography, and it worked perfectly, returning the exact (somewhat obscure) premium font that the previous designer had used. Highly recommended for any image carrying a mystery font.

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