Search Through a WordPress Site’s Files with the String Locator Plugin

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Among the most difficult challenges in WordPress development is finding out where a piece of code actually lives. Up to two themes and infinite plugins could be hooking into any part of WordPress and changing things, and if you want to track down a specific change it’s often the most time-consuming part of an otherwise easy job.

This week, I found out about a cool plugin that lets you do a string search of anything on your WordPress filesystem—one theme, one plugin, all themes, all plugins, the entirety of wp-content, and more. I tried it out and it works as advertised. It’s the WordPress filesystem equivalent to the visibility a plugin like Better Search Replace helps provide into the WordPress database.

I wouldn’t rely on either plugin as infallible (I’m not sure if Better Search Replace can find serialized data, for example), but they’re a much better place to start than poking aimlessly around themes and plugins and trying to read a previous developer’s mind.

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