Search the Whole Repository

Ever just wanted to be able to easily run a text search against literally every theme on plugin in the WordPress repository? Honestly, me neither. But isn’t it cool to know that you can?! WPdirectory is fun silly tool that I just like knowing exists. And like I said, it make if fairly easy for you to search every plugin and theme freely distributed on in a quick and effortless way.

Though I joked about it above, I can actually think of a few uses for it. But mostly that’s because Ben Gillbanks explained some actually useful and clever ones. (Emphasis added):

If there’s a functionality you want to use, but are not sure how, then you could search for that function name or library or  and see how other projects have added support for it.

It could also be used to search for security vulnerabilities, or coding patterns, naming conventions. All sorts! I’ve bookmarked it, I can see there being lots of potential uses.

All very good ideas. Let me know if you think of more 🙂

(Via Alex & Ben’s MasterWP newsletter)

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