Rundown of the Google E-A-T Algorithm Update from Torque

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Google just introduced a major update to its search algorithm. This one’s called E-A-T, which stands for the things Google really likes now: “Expertise,” “Authoritativeness,” and “Trustworthiness.”

The main things I got out of reading the update notes were, first, just how complex the Google algorithm is now. It’s way past “Make sure you get lots of backlinks” or whatever (although of course those things still matter), and on to literal life advice like “Take action to manage your reputation.”

More concretely, these notes make me want to do a very good job on WPShout’s About page—which is decent but could be better—and to implement author bios on each of our articles. I think David and I do need to be more visible on WPShout, and it sounds like Google cares about that too, so now’s the time.

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