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how to crack eggs

Today’s link post is doing double duty as a bit of culinary advice (you know: because it’s a site for WordPress development tutorials), and a reflection on the magic of the internet. Hopefully you’ll come away feeling both happy about working on the internet and better able to perform one of the building blocks of basic cooking.

I’ve loved fried eggs recently, but I kept dropping shell into about 70% of the eggs I cracked. I’m pretty bad at domestic things, so I’d usually probably just give up, but—partly because my work as a WordPress developer is so Google-intensive that searching the internet for advice when I hit walls has become second-nature—this time I decided to search the following sentence fragment: “how crack egg no shell.”

That led to the linked Quora thread. tl;dr: You crack the egg on a flat surface (not the side or edge of anything), and it opens up just fine most of the time. I tried it today, and it worked flawlessly on three consecutive eggs, one of which cracked neatly into two perfect halves like a cheap 3-D animation.

After a bit, I reflected on how hard that information might have been to find before the internet. My parents crack eggs on the side of the pan, I’m pretty sure, so I wouldn’t have learned from them. Other than that, I could’ve maybe burned an afternoon to go to the library and check out books on cooking and hope one of them correctly described the right way to crack an egg. In reality, I probably would’ve been eating eggshell until I died, possibly from choking on eggshell.

  1. So the pieces of advice that I suppose come of this story are:
    Get good at Googling, and then Google for everything. This is probably the first and best piece of advice I’d give to someone new in WordPress or any technology.
  2. Write essential content if you can. We’re trying to be that Quora thread for a lot of topics in WordPress, and whatever it is you’re doing will best tap into the value proposition of the internet if it’s not merely opinionated but actually essential. Currently essential people in WordPress include Brian Krogsgard/Post Status, Jeff Chandler/WP Tavern, and Pippin Williamson/Pippin’s Plugins—if you do have a blogging strategy, try to be as thorough as they are.
  3. Stop to think how cool the internet is every once in a while; it’ll help recharge your enthusiasm for the work, which can otherwise be rather solitary and screen-y.

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