Post Status Publish Has Been Really Cool

post status publish atlanta

David and I have been at the second annual Post Status Publish, organized by the always essential Brian Krogsgard of Post Status and taking place in Atlanta today and yesterday.

It’s been a very cool opportunity to take a step back and think at a high level about WordPress’s place in technology and in the world. The attendees are generally thought leaders and major influencers in both WordPress and nearby spaces, such as hosting. A personal favorite was today’s talk by Andrew Nacin, who moved in 2015 from his prior role as the giant pulsating brain steering the technical progress of WordPress into a new position solving technical challenges for the US government, and who consequently has an even more fascinating perspective than he used to.

David and I have both felt energized by the experience, and we’ve also heard some very good ideas for our own work that we plan to incorporate. We strongly recommend next year’s Publish if you want to get a glimpse of the horizon and where WordPress fits on it.

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