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In this edition of their podcast, Brian Krogsgard and Brian Richards have a lot to say about how the WordPress market segments out. Starting around 12 minutes in, they download pure knowledge about the state of the market and the actors in it.

I’ll offer one thing from the show: WordPress implementers are the largest customers in the space, since they know that they need themes or plugins in the first place. Brian K calls them “site wranglers”: non-coders who put together WordPress websites.

It goes from there, and if you’re in this market (and you are! hi) you can really do yourself a favor by listening closely.

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  • Nice podcast, as a site care company owner I found this a really good listen.

    Since going from agency to freelance/own business I have been opened up into this world of site wranglers via meetups, Facebook groups etc… Certainly seen a lot of love for page builder themes such as Divi, which was quite surprising as clients always found it hard to use and made their sites slow, plus we would always go the custom route.. Seems to be getting better though and am interested to see how they work with Gutenburg.

    I’m starting to see why WordPress is going in the direction of Gutenburg due to wranglers being such a big user base.. At Newt Labs we’ve found it’s best to work with clients that have established themselves as we’re able to help more verses startups who have yet to prove their business model, for those types of clients we recommend getting help from strategy focused type consultants/businesses..

    Agree with focusing on other things when first starting out, content being a priority.. get something up and improve it later when proved your idea 🙂

    Agree with how services like ManageWP help, but have seen how some site-wrangler type maintenance companies just throw sites on there and hit the update button vs more of an agency approach that use parts of it and do all their updates manually, putting through git/ssh etc.. Have asked ManageWP to allow their reporting feature to track updates done outside of ManageWP but have said it’s not important as they are catering to the bigger, growing market of site-wranglers who are more or less just pushing the update button.

    Agree with planting the seed early about maintenance when selling new projects and even making it a must have, sometimes we’ll work on new sites with clients and have it on the basis of site care / hosting once live to ensure the project is in the best position going forward.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the enterprise level in a future podcast.

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