Post Status Interview with Matt Mullenweg

Over the weekend Brian Krogsgard from Post Status published an audio/video interview he did with Matt Mullenweg (WordPress’s BDFL, for those who don’t recognize the name immediately). They range a little, but the undeniable focus is the two big things that came out of the “State of the Word” session at WordCamp US.

The first thing that I heard, and found notable in both the talk and the video, is Matt’s continued opposition to the concept of the REST API being in core. This has grown less pronounced since he single-handedly derailed the forward momentum on that earlier in the year, but it’s clearly still there. The mention in the “State of the Word” and in Brian’s interview of possibly removing the feature from core (and back to a plugin) because it’s not being widely use seems antithetical to WordPress’s compatibility commitment. What it makes undeniable is that Matt continues to have doubts about the idea and process that have surrounded it.

The second, and in many ways more important topic, is WordPress’s new “release schedule”, which is rather explicitly not a schedule. Instead Matt has declared that releases in 2017 will be driven by substantial changes along three specific focuses:

  1. The use of the REST API in other parts of WordPress, most notably in the admin areas (as those are consistent across all sites).
  2. The creation of a better editing experience in WordPress.
  3. Improvements in the process by which one customizes a WordPress site.

There’s a lot about these focuses that I like. Doing what Matt needs to make the REST API permanent in WordPress is great, and improving the first-run experience of WordPress for people new to it is clearly the best way it can protect itself and the ecosystem from being beat out by Wix, Squarespace, and the like.

In any case, if this is new to your or its note, check out Brian’s interview. It’s much easier to get a feel for Matt’s disposition from seeing/hearing him than from reading my words.

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