A Good Talk on Personal Data Security

In an effort to make sure I miss nothing for my forthcoming security course (which may or may not be coming in November…), I’ve been watching a lot of WordPress.tv talks tagged with “security”. Many of the talks are very very good, but this one has an added interesting trait: it’s got little to do with WordPress.

Instead, Andrew Villeneuve covers almost everything you want to consider about security other than WordPress stuff. Partly what I loved was the novelty of a not-WordPress talk among all the WordPress-specific ones I watched. But I also just really appreciated that he did a great job of covering a wide variety of topics related to personal information security in a concise way.

One of the ongoing risks as one learns about security is that you get too worried about it. Security isn’t a final stable state you should have already achieved or finally will achieve. So I would caution you not to hear every new piece of advice Andrew mentions as something you’ll now be embarrassed by not having done. Rather pick the one that feels like it’d have the biggest impact for you and start with that. Maybe in a few months you can come back to this ready for a new one…

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