On Health, WordPress and a Tough Decision

An important post from Carole Olinger.

Carole wrote on Twitter this was a difficult post to write, and I’m not surprised: this covers a number of themes, including Carole’s attempts to improve the diversity of the WordCamp Europe organising team last year. She was told:

“[My application to create an Awareness team were rejected as] my passion and performances from the past two years were remarkable and exceptional but that it could make other people around me feel uncomfortable and that might make me not the best fit for a team… Also, I truly wonder if I would have been told the exact same reasons if I was not a woman but a man?”

Carole then goes on:

“I truly wish my situation would just have been an isolated case. But neither was I the only woman to be rejected or removed for very dubious reasons from the WCEU organizer team nor was I the only person whose contributions have been treated with a lack of respect inside the WordPress project in general: in the months following my rejection, other people got either eliminated or urged to resign from different projects on different levels. Others have been continuously ignored and their efforts belittled. Several people had to take a tough decision by stepping back from projects very close to their hearts for the sake of their own mental health.”

This is not the first example of women in the WordPress community stepping back, and it’s something we need to urgently work on.

This post first appeared in MasterWP, a weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals.

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