New Theme Features in the Works for WordPress 4.7

I’m a bit behind the eight-ball on this. But I’m pretty excited by some of the new theme features that are in the works for WordPress 4.7. The most interesting to me is the new get_theme_file_uri() function, which will be a child-theme aware method of easily linking to your theme resources. Got that? It’s cool because:

  1. It’s really a much better function than get_template_directory_uri(), get_stylesheet_directory_uri(), and others, which are somewhat awkward for beginners to learn and remember.
  2. It’s child theme aware! That means it should make it much easier to override parent theme’s JavaScript and and stylesheet files! YAY!

The other parts highlighted in John Blackbourn’s posts are about the template hierarchy, and while I think they’re cool and important I also think they’re rather more obscure use cases, so I’ll leave them to you to read on his original post.

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