Narrative of making a Gutenblock

I enjoyed this little “essay” from Leo over at Design Bombs. First, it was great to read as an introduction to the new Gutenberg-block-making tool I didn’t even know was out. The article does a great job giving you the snippets and outputs so I’m able to fall easily, without breaking a sweat. As someone who has gotten a little rusty on Gutenblocks, it was really fun to work with the code virtually.

The other reason I share it though, is that I felt like this tutorial was notably and interestingly more narrative than most I see. And I appreciated how much Leo wrote about what he knew and didn’t quite frankly. Anyway, here’s his intro, which is a good summary of both the style and content:

I have finally started creating blocks for Gutenberg, the (not-so-new anymore) editor for WordPress. Since I have not coded with JavaScript in several years, and have not ventured into React yet, I had been wondering how easy it would be to create a new block.

As luck would have it, a new tool to scaffold Gutenberg blocks was released just a few days before my work started: the @wordpress/block package (also called @wordpress/create-block), which allows to create a new WordPress plugin containing all the necessary JavaScript, CSS and PHP files to register a block, with zero configuration.


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