My Skillshare Course is Live: A Complete Site-Owner’s Guide to Securing Your WordPress Site

A few months ago, Skillshare got in touch and asked me to make a course for them. They’re trying to bulk up on great technical and WordPress content. On a lark, I decided to take them up on it. Flash forward to yesterday, and the course is finally live. It’s called, somewhat grandiosely, “A Complete Site-Owner’s Guide to Securing Your WordPress Site.” It’s really the most-essential subset of the content in WordPress Security with Confidence‘s Site Owner tier.

If you’re already a Skillshare member, you can watch the whole thing for free. And if you’d like to watch the course (and the literally thousands, if not millions) of other content in Skillshare, we make $10 when you sign up by following the class’s referral link.

Because they reached out to me, and shepherded me through the course creation process, Skillshare paid for an editor to smooth out some of the errors and coughs from my recordings. They also added some pretty music beds, and made me clean up the room behind the desk I shoot all my videos at. I really think all the videos I make in the future will be a little better because of a few of the tips and tricks I learned from the team at Skillshare.

And I really think the course is well-worth the (modest) time investment for you. You’ll learn a lot. Check it out!

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