Metorik: Really Cool Analytics for WooCommerce Stores

One of the parts of WordCamp US 2016 that sticks out is the presentation on SaaS startup Metorik by its founder, Bryce Adams.

Metorik is, in a nutshell, way better analytics for WooCommerce sites: user profiles, extensive segmenting, and more. I have yet to set up one of my own WooCommerce clients on it—none of them seem to use analytics too extensively—but if I had a reasonably-sized WooCommerce store I’d be using it in a heartbeat.

Bryce is a great guy, as well, and his presentation centered on the huge amount of work he’s done to make Metorik’s integration with WooCommerce as beautifully simple as possible. If you’d like more control over your (or a client’s) WooCommerce data, have a look!

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