A Method to Encourage More Translations of Your Plugin

This is a rather interesting post from Marius Jensen. In it he explains how you can intelligently determine if a plugin user is using WordPress in a non-English language, and if so prompt them to go translate in the much-easier experience that is translate.wordpress.org. (Which, if you missed it, is not available to all WordPress.org plugins. Here’s my Require Featured Image plugin on it. Translations welcome!) What I really like about this is that you’re only targetting the people who are most likely to be able to help: people using WordPress in a non-English language who have enough English fluency to understand your non-translated plugin and make it work.

He also provides some copy-and-pastable code to do it, though for me that’s less interesting and valuable than the idea itself. I’m excited that we have in translate.wordpress.org an easier way people can translate plugins without ever needing to understand .mo.po, and .pot files, or needing to find an email contact or GitHub repository to directly send in said files. And using a bit of clever code to make that better known… what’s not to love?

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