Mel Choyce’s Talk About Gutenberg + Customizer

I went to LoopConf a few weeks back and had a great time. The one talk there that I think absolutely everyone who’s even a little worried or curious about Gutenberg should see is Mel Choyce’s on the future of customizing WordPress now that we’re getting Gutenberg. If you’re ready, just start watching now:

For those of you who didn’t click play on the above video (or are still reading after having done so), Mel’s credentials as a person you should listen to on this topic are amazing. She’s been a core contributor to WordPress for years, and most recently has been the design-half of the teams heading up the WordPress Customizer changes and improvements. (She most recently shared responsibility for the 4.9 release.)

Mel covers a lot of ground in this talk about what may come in the future. If there’s one thing that’s both really exciting and frustrating about the current state of Gutenberg, it’s how many things are “may” today. It may come out soon, it may replace widgets, it may make page builders obsolete. But all those possibilities are months or years away from being known.

Understanding Mel’s talk as bounded by those uncertainties, some of the idea she’s showing are really exciting. Until she pointed it out, I’d kind of forgotten how awkward and strange the experience of “Page Templates” in WordPress is from a true end-user perspective. Anyway, I could ramble for a long time, but you’d better use your time by watching her talk and going away to think harder about what you want and what it’ll mean for you.

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