Marketing channels, and how to think about marketing your WordPress business

Alex on his marketing philosophy.

My day job is doing marketing for WordPress businesses, and I wrote this to explain how I approach marketing strategy, and how this offers an extremely good way of thinking about and running your marketing.

The thesis is as follows: marketing channels are categories of marketing activities, and these range from content marketing to TV ads. You want to identify which channels work for you (even just one is fine!) and then extract as much value as possible from them before adding any more channels.

You try and have as few channels as possible, and this forces you to focus on what works, and lets you easily filter new opportunities. This is so useful because it’s so simple, but it works at any scale – all the way from the newest WordPress plugins to the biggest in the industry. The post gets into more detail: if you run a WordPress business, check it out!

This post first appeared in MasterWP, a weekly newsletter for WordPress professionals.

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