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Markdown | WP Markdown

If there’s one thing nerds like, it’s Markdown, the simplified markup language that converts into HTML. It’s the difference between typing out, for example, <strong>something</strong> (HTML) and __something__ (Markdown)—a fair number of characters, especially over a lot of post authoring.

A client who has a very technical site wants Markdown pretty much everywhere, and so I’ve finally been looking into solutions for WordPress. I’m happy to say that WP-Markdown is pretty cool. You turn it on, and select which post types you want to be authoring using Markdown rather than the default editor. For those post types, both the “Text” and “Visual” editors are replaced by a Text-looking editor that expects Markdown. It renders flawlessly into HTML on the front end—I wrote this article using it. It works on comments on the site’s front end, too.

Have a look!

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