Make CSS Your Drawing Tool

I really enjoyed this little talk I found while idly browsing YouTube recently. Wentin Zhang, who works at Adobe, draws something I didn’t have any idea CSS could so easily: a mustache. I know, I’ve seen the artisanly drawn CSS, like this portrait of Francine. And that’s cool. It’s also not something I feel I ever would learn from.

As someone who writes CSS rarely, I just appreciate something a little more likely to be useful to me. And a mustache fits that bill. One can easily imagine a client or three wanting interesting CSS shapes like them. And Wentin also does a great job of increasing complexity slowly, so a relative CSS novice like me never feels overwhelmed. (Which kind of happens when I just drop into the source code of something like Francine.)

Anyway give it a look. You’ll be impressed 😀

And while I have mixed feelings about “reposting” other people’s content, I also think the Coding Tech channel, where I initially found this talk on YouTube, has some other great conference talks and is doing it by-the-book. (Only publishing talks it seems to have reasonable rights to.)

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