Kickstart “WordPress: The Card Game”

I wasn’t aware of this until a few minutes ago when a tweet flowed by my head, but I’m fascinated as this combines two things that I love: (board) games and WordPress. Here’s the explanation from an interview by Torque’s Doc Pop:

One of the first questions I had is, is this the first one? It seems it is, even though the title ends with the seeming “edition” provisos of “Nordic edition 2018.” I’m honestly not able to focus long enough on the rules to understand fully what games it feels analogous to, because I’m just overwhelmed by the novelty of someone making a game focused on WordPress. (I guess Drupal already has one by the same designer.)

For the international audience, they’re only shipping the Kickstarter packages to US, Canada, and Europe it seems. Perhaps that’s the reason it’s called the Nordic edition. At minimum, though, it’s a very interesting project to know about. 🙂

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