Jeremy Keith Resigns from AMP Advisory Committee

As an AMP hater, I was gratified to see this headline from Sarah Gooding over on the Tavern.

Here’s the core his very frank and pretty interesting resignation post:

I can’t in good faith continue to advise on the AMP project for the OpenJS Foundation when it has become clear to me that AMP remains a Google product, with only a subset of pieces that could even be considered open source.

If I were to remain on the advisory committee, my feelings of resentment about this situation would inevitably affect my behaviour. So it’s best for everyone if I step away now instead of descending into outright sabotage. It’s not you, it’s me.

I’m linking (with the “main” link below) to Sarah’s story (rather than Keith’s post) because she puts this all in some context I wasn’t aware of. I loved her closing sentences:

In the end, this may not be enough to convince critics that AMP is not simply a Google product with a fancy affiliation designed to make it more appealing to detractors. So far, the project’s new home at the OpenJS Foundation has done little to bolster public opinion in the face of allegations that identify AMP as having an important role in Google’s anti-competitive practices.

Sarah Gooding

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