Is WordPress Pushing Freelancers Away?

Over at The WP Minute Eric Karkovack asks a question that’s started to drift across my mind as I think (and study) more about the coming of Full-Site Editing themes and what they mean for the future of WordPress.

I thought of writing a longer response to Eric’s article, but he really says nearly all I’ve got to say on the topic well. Because this isn’t really a question that it’s possible for us to clearly say “yes” or “no” to right now. It’s way too soon in the ongoing Guternberg-ification journey of WordPress to know where the journey leads.

It seems clear to me that WordPress is moving, as Eric says well, into being a “website builder” and away from a core role it served in much of the past as a “content management system.” These two roles, though, deeply overlap. So whether more people come or go in the shift is just unknowable. But what’s deeply clear is that the landscape around WordPress is changing, and it’s got people asking questions.

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