Introduction to WordPress (Gutenberg) Block Filters

Like many, I’m still very much getting my sea legs when it comes to doing web-development tasks that affect aspects of the (Gutenberg) Block Editor. While its no longer new, it’s never really overlapped very clearly with work either I (or a client) have needed to do, so I’m very much in learning mode with this article from Dmitry Mayorov over at CSS-Tricks. All that is to say: if you click over and this entire article just goes over your head, have no fear (you likely won’t need to do this stuff anytime soon) and I get you.

For those of you who aren’t lost when terms like ES6, JSX, and React come up, I really do think this article is great intro to a topic I’m sure I’ll need to use… sometime. His adding of the size attribute to the button element is actually rather similar to a task I failed and gave up on a few months ago. Happy hacking!

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