Ever since I made a nice little spreadsheet of WordPress security plugin features for WordPress Security with Confidence, I’ve wanted to pull that out to a standalone site. While we didn’t create, we’re its proud maintainers. The idea here is similar.

My vision and hope is that will be a similar resource for people shopping for security plugins for WordPress. Not everyone needs a WordPress security plugin, but almost everyone could benefit from one. Despite that, I think it is very hard for an average consumer to understand the differences between and values of the very different feature sets that security plugins for WordPress have. One tells you that it blocks “bad traffic” so does the other one, but they may do it quite differently. Or not at all.

What exists at the site today is very much a work-in-progress, but I think it can already offer you some value. Things I intend to do:

  • Add annotations, so if you hover a box where a note would be valuable and supplemental, you see it. This is most obvious necessary on the column names, but some feature blocks need it.
  • Add a third color to delineate paid-only security features from ones also in the free version of the product
  • Write a long essay about how to think about and understand these features, similar to what’s now at the bottom of WPHierarchy.
  • Add (affiliate) links to the products, so you can actually go shop them yourself without Googling.
  • Fix errors and omissions as they’re pointed out. If you spot one please email me as “david” at this domain.

This is all early days, but I hope it becomes a valuable resource. If you have ideas (beyond what I mentioned above) to make it more valuable, please email me as well. 🙂

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